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You have found the non-commercial site for people who like to roll up their sleeves and make science toys and projects. You won't find slick, well-designed web pages here--more like the digital equivalent of a messy workshop. If you poke around, though, you'll find good stuff. Science toy maker is a resource for inspired kids, parents, teachers, teenagers, home schoolers, science fair participants and citizen scientists everywhere. There are a few hard-to-find items for sale here and here, but all proceeds go directly to an education non-profit, the Physics Factory.

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  fluid dynamics class

Air Flow Simulations for Walkalong Gliders! Brian Reed created some cool flow analysis simulations for the Baby Bug and the board that deflects the air upward. On the glider simulation, the vortices at the tips—caused by higher pressure air under the wing moving to the lower pressure on top of the wing-- really stand out. More of Brian's simulations here.

Walkalong Gliders in a University Fluid Dynamics Course! For several years Dr. Jérõme Noir has been reinforcing theory in his Fluid Dynamics course with hands-on activities, including walkalong gliders. He and his students at the ETH Zurich University Institut fur Geophysik in Switzerland made a really fun, silly video of their flying. More about walkalong gliders here.

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Updated: 12/13/17