I like to get feedback...

Getting any sort of feedback so I can pass on good ideas and make instructions better means a lot to me. I answer all e-mails (except for inquiries about selling space on my site for advertisements, and people wanting to exchange links whose sites have nothing to do with making science toys).

My e-mail address is:

science AT sciencetoymaker.org

replace the AT with @, no spaces. This is to elude spam bots, and it seems to work. I've had this address for several years and many thousands of e-mails--and no spam so far!

You can also reach me by telephone. I do not live in New York City, but it is the same time zone.1- 570-506-8094

My mailing address is

Slater Harrison
209 Edler Rd
Williamsport, PA 17701

Best wishes,

Slater Harrison, aka science toymaker



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