Note: This is not about the device known to most people as a speaker phone. Rather, this speaker-phone is a phone or inter-com made from old speakers.

Easy as a tin can phone, and it goes around corners.

Computer speakers also work for making the speaker phone.

Alas, boom boxes and other stereo audio systems don't last forever. When they are thrown out, the speakers that came with them usually meet the same fate. It doesn't take much effort to turn those speakers into a two-way phone that kids can use safely, and kids can participate in the making. It even generates its own bit of electricity, with each speaker also acting as a microphone. So you don't need batteries. Ultimately it provides a great tool for understanding the interaction between sound and electricity.


For illustrated instructions for making a speaker phone, click here or on the picture.


For explanations, activities and cool links related to speakers, microphones and the relationship between electricity and magnetism click here or on the picture.


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