Video Previews of Putt Putt (Pop Pop) Boats

I have a new (January 2009) streaming video introduction here part 1 and part 2



These are very short: only 5 seconds long. If you don't know how to play them, see the instructions at the bottom of the page.

Here are some vdeos of my students testing out just-completed boats. They filled the boilers with water and lit tiny candles under them

boat movie one

boat movie two

a boat with a rudder

I like this video on YouTube a lot because--judging by the writing which I cannot read--I think he might from Russia. Still, the boat was very well made.

Here is another YouTube video with a double motor. Unfortunately, it doesn't even go nearly as fast as a single motor, but great experiment and I'd like to know what transparent material he made the hull from.

Here is a video from dad Derek and son Mikey Cook. The video is mostly slides, but there is some kinetic video at the testing phase (3MB, here)

These are still pictures--not videos--from the Outrand School in New Zealand. You can see the whole process from the beginning, not just the finished product. Brenda Nyhof said they used hot glue for sticking the boilers into the boats and sealing around the hull. I thought hot glue would melt the straws, but the low temp ones do not melt the straws. This could be a much simpler and quicker way. I'll experiment!

Here is a clip of students painting boats

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If you have a fast internet connection, you should be able to simply point and click to play the short MPEG movie. If the picture is halting the first time through, click play on your media player and it ought to play smoothly the second time.

You will almost certainly have to hit play a second time if you have a dial-up internet connection. If you still can't get it to run smoothly, you will have to right-click, then "save file as..." or something similar to that. Take note of where you are saving it. They are short and highly compressed, so they won't take long to load. Even with a fast connection, save the file like that if the picture is jerky. To play the file, find it and double-click on it. It will play in the default media player.