Part 5
Advanced Flying: Dog Fighting and Hands-Only Flying
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Once you get good, another really fun thing is aerial jousting or dog fighting where you try to swoosh your opponent’s gliders out of the sky. You ought to have some basic ground rules like no actually hitting the glider with the board—you’ll break it—one swoosh per pass, and of course you only get to swoosh someone else’s glider if your glider is in the air. You can also use your board to shield your plane from turbulent air.



Using only your hands deflects just barely enough air to sustain flight. You can experiment with bending the elevons to less of an angle—say, 30 degrees instead of 45 for the bug, or even less--and correspondingly, to balance that, snip off some front wire weight. But don't cut off too much or it'll start to stall and dip. I don't like any stalling and dipping when I'm flying by hands.


Hand flight is much easier high up, a little over your head. By the time it gets below your eyes you’re fighting a losing battle. So hold the very back edge, launch from as high as you can reach up, but tilt the glider down a little or you’ll force a stall. I hold my other hand up, ready to go and I walk into the launch rather than play catch-up. I get best results with spreading out my fingers--a little. You might also be able to use an arm make the wave.


But mostly it’s just practice practice practice. It’s the same with using your head to make the air wave. The gliders tend to turn off—annoyingly--left or right with head flight, so best to do it in a wide open space where you won’t trip over things. I like to use my hands so I have control but fly close enough to my head so I get some extra lift.

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