The YouTube Channel ViralVideoLab is 100% Hoax--including the one about a walkalong glider--and it's mean spirited.

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The worst lies have a little bit of truth mixed in. ViralVideoLab started out with YouTube video of a paper airplane supposedly thrown onto a stove top and the rising hot air allegedly kept the paper airplane levitated and circling around on the stove. The guy who makes these has some skill with video editing to create the delusion; and the text says things like, "Thermals allow real sailplanes to fly for hours". That's true, but the video is a completely bogus. He also links to legitimate articles about things like thermals, in Wikipedia. He edits out comments that cast doubt on the reality of his videos. The more eyeballs that see his video, the more money he makes, so I will not link to it (but if you want to see the video, see the last paragraph, below).

He's not very creative, making variations with essentially the same trick. One of the videos features a walkalong glider (one of my early paper designs) that he purportedly levitates with an electric car inside a circular track. There is an angled piece of paper "spoiler" that is supposed to deflect the air and create lift. It's as ridiculous as the other videos, but again he butters on enough truth to make it palatable.

Walkalong gliders are magical enough without having to delude people. VVL probably got the idea from this real video by a true master of flight of a real automobile being used to surf a radio controlled glider (they can steer it with surface controls but it is not powered). This video is real!

So why am I bent out of shape by the Viral Video Lab walkalong glider hoax? I can take a joke when it's harmless, but ViralVideoLab presents it like an instructional video. He specifies the angle of the spoiler and the density of the paper; he says that the glider has to be trimmed to turn to the right "...or it won't work." Can you imagine how frustrating it's going to be for some kid who makes a good faith effort to get this BS to work? It's not funny. It's cruel. Encouraging people to throw paper airplanes on hot stoves and lit candles doesn't strike me as particularly benevolent either.

Still, what could be more important than money? All is well as long this parasite gets his thousands of dollars.

I have not linked to the videos because he makes more money with more views, but if you want to see the videos, at least give it a "thumbs down" rating--the only way you can weigh in). Don't bother to make a comment; negative comments are purged. And consider making a request to (check the third one, "Ask about a rumor that is new to you" and paste the link) to out the sleaze. They ignored my request, but if enough people do it maybe they'll take notice. I think anybody who takes the time to try to determine the authenticity of ViralVidoLab videos ought to be able to find the answer. The fake video with the walkalong glider is called, "INFINITY PAPERPLANE III - How To Make A Paper Airplane Fly Forever!"

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