Make a finger (and maybe a whole hand) that works like like a real thing.

This robot finger is as easy as cutting and taping. If you make 5 of these fingers and tape them, you can make a hand. It's less messy to make than the advanced robot hand project.

I first thought about a working models of a fingers and hands when I became literally unable to lift a finger. I was paralyzed below my shoulders. I recovered over a period of about three years, but I never took my fingers for granted anymore.

I learned that fingers get their amazing strength from strings (called tendons) connected to big, powerful muscles in our forearms. If those big muscles were actually in our hands, we'd never be a able to type, play a musical instrument requiring more dexterity than a kazoo, or tie our shoelaces.

The project really comes alive with excitement when you combine it with activities that allow you to actually see and feel the tendons going through your wrist, going to your own fingers.

If this project seems like too much work, you can just cut notches halfway into wide straws (fast food). You can see it here at 3:16


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