Talk Box Gallery

Feel free to send pictures, and I can embed YouTube videos.

Anita in Taiwan made talk boxes with her church craft class. She reports, " We made the robot talk box this morning in my class, and the kids loved it.  I had decided to use three straws because it made the sound deeper, softer, and less annoying.  After class when we were re-making a couple of unsuccessful ones,  my helper and I discovered that two straws seemed to work better for us, were easier for the smaller kids to handle, and sounded almost the same."  Thanks Anita.


Tony Carl. wrote, "I found that wrapping a garbage bag wire tie around the base of the reed makes it easier to adjust the reed opening. Just lightly squeeze the wire at the top and bottom close the opening a little or at the sides to open a little. A piece of tape wrapped around the wire to keep the ends of the wire from puncturing the balloon :)" Tony based this innovation on the construction of crumhorn and bassoon reeds.

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